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We will continue evolving without cease and forever

President and Representative Director SHINICHIRO IKEYAMA

 Since we founded our company, we have been thinking that nothing is more precious than our customers, and have been pursuing thorough quality controls and selling services. Because of this, we have enjoyed the huge trust of our customers.
In addition to preserving this trust relationship that we have built, we hope all employees to try to improve themselves. By doing so, we always try hard to be “a company that is in great demand all over the world”
 Because we have some social missions that we sell foods, we realize that we are socially important. In order to be a company that is in demand, we are trying to develop ourselves forever. Thank you for your rooting for us.

Shinichiro IkeyamaPresident & Representative Director


About “Rice Polishing HACCP(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)”

The Mizunami mill passed the check by Japan Rice Millers Association, and have been authorized as a factory that has a license of Rice Polishing HACCP(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)

Quality management systems ISO9001:2008

  • In order to root out complaints by our customers, we constantly try to improve ourselves.

  • We prevent contaminations.
  • We provide fresh rice.
  • We meet delivery deadlines.

Since we got HACCP, we focus our concept that we provide better products than anywhere else with better services than anywhere and try to control quality surely and improve it constantly so that we can make our customer more satisfied.

Name Hananoki corporation
Certification date March 28,2018
Scope of certification
  • Hananoki corporation Mizunami mill
Certification number H31002
Registration agency Japan Rice Millers Association
当社 北名古屋工場及び瑞浪工場は、世界標準であるHACCP手法を精米製造に採り入れた工程管理「精米HACCP」の認定工場です。
  • 地域未来牽引企業選定について
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  • CSR活動
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