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Name Hananoki corporation
What we do Wholesale of Rice (unpolished rice, polished rice, rinse-free rice and cooked rice) and food which is made of rice.
Head office

36, Isegi Inomoto,Kitanagoya-shi ,Aichi-ken 481-0014, Japan
Phone:81-568-22-3711(main number)

President and Representative Director SHINICHIRO IKEYAMA
Capital money 70 million yen
The number of employees 80 people (include people who do part-time job)
Mill Place Kitanagoya Factory
36, Isegi Inomoto,Kitanagoya-shi, Aichi-ken , Japan

Mizunami Factory
2002, Kobora, Yamada-cho , Mizunami-shi, Gifu-ken ,Japan
Main Bank Bank of Nagoya / 114 Bank / Juroku Bank / Shoko Chukin Bank / Japan Finance Corporation
当社 北名古屋工場及び瑞浪工場は、世界標準であるHACCP手法を精米製造に採り入れた工程管理「精米HACCP」の認定工場です。
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